Saturday, December 31, 2016

Final entry for year 2016

Tools - Koi Sakura watercolor (18 pallets), Sakura Pigma Micron pens, Micro-Line Studio Series pens, on A6 paper 120gsm (Canson Notes).

Salam semua, hello gaiz... it's almost midnight now, sudah nak masuk tahun baru 2017 dah yearghhh... bring it! ;3

 Alright, 2016 was good to me, Alhamdulillah. Good food, good times, new artwork (comic pages) published in our team's (BOTK) latest indie comic book (Buasir Otak: The Komik - Awakening), and of course, fond memories with family, friends and relatives. All is well, all is awesome, thank you Allah S.W.T for everything.

The past year was actually quite a busy year for me, and ohmaii this blog didn't even reach 20 entries in 2016?? Oh well... couldn't help it, a huge amount of my attention had to be paid to other things, ahahah~

In this coming year, MAYBE I'll start doing art travelog? I've got plans to fly somewhere overseas again sometime this year, InsyaaAllah. Where to? As usual, I'll tell you after I get back from the trip/trips ;3

  New year's resolutions? Hmmm... be more productive work-wise, eat more healthy foods and cut down on 'jajan' (junk foods), exercise daily with more consistency, read Al-Quran more, draw more, and do more good deeds. Give more 'damn' to things and people who truly matter, and less-to-none 'damn' to those who don't. Ahh... with that, now I'm starting to think that there will probably be less number of blog entries in this coming year compared to 2016. Idk... I hope not, we'll see ( ~"^ w ^)~

Happy New Year 2017! 
Roosters be cheering and flapping their wings~

I wish you all the best!

Whoever the artist of this wall/street art is, I salute and award you 5/5 stars. Incredible artwork! Location: BLACKWOOD CAFE building, Kangar.

Location: BLACKWOOD CAFE building, Kangar. Crazy enviable art skills! X3

Jya mata ne, koneko-tachi chan~ ( =^w^= )


  1. happy new year, plain..may all your new year resolutions and travelogue will be accomplished..fighting!!

    cantik artworks mural tu..nice..

    1. Thanks, and Happy 2017 sis! ;3

      Macam real je kan, boleh jugak kalau nak menyamar jadi salah satu daripada artworks kat situ hehehe...

  2. happy new year, plain.. Lapo aih nengok artworknya. hohoho.. lawo bebeno

    1. Happy 2017 Monamieh! 'Lawo bebeno' tu tinggi sangat tu level pujian hang huhuu, doumo arigatou! X'3

      Lapo lagi aku nengok artwork makanan ko dalam India travelogue ko Mon ;3

  3. Happy New Year 2017! :-) May all your dreams come true Plain-san!

    1. Gracias PokNaa, Happy 2017!
      Let's do our best! X3


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