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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tagged by the petite ZyraRoxx

Alright, enough with the new year greetings already and let's move on and go with the flow. 

Just recently, I've been tagged by the petite and kawaii Zyra yang bajet rocks (lulz). Tagnya adalah seperti berikut: 

"Be sporting and draw me like one of your French girls.. (posing maut)."

 And so, for this purpose, I've googled the net for some random model pictures with interesting poses for my reference, and found one particular picture with a female model posing out a pose that looks something like this....,

Hmmm... cukup "maut" tak pose yang macam ni Zygha? Lagi maut daripada yang ni, plain-neechan tak berani nak lukis (lelz). Hope you like it anyway ne, tehee~ ;3

One of my own art policies is that I shall refrain myself from the activity of "tracing" any image. I only refer visually to pictures or photographs, or objects (live or still-life) to sketch and draw on an empty canvas, be it digital art or traditional art. It's not that I'm one of those people who tend to look down on "art tracing", it's just that art tracing is not my style. For this digital artwork, I used Photoshop CS3, my graphic tablet, and referred visually to this photo ;3 

 Jya mata ne, koneko-tachi chan~ ( =^w^= )

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hey there 2016 ;3

Hey ya'all ;3

Okeh, sebagai entri blog yang pertama untuk tahun 2016 ini, aku fikir nak cuba buat satu kelainan dari biasa. Heheh...

1. Untuk entri ini, aku perlu update blog ini dengan menggunakan smartphone aku semata-mata. 
2. Edit photo dan upload ke blog dengan menggunakan smartphone saja. I must refrain myself from using my laptop or netbook for this purpose. For this entry only, I will rely entirely on my "rather small" smartphone. 
3. Now I'm wondering why does it seem so darn difficult to "centralize" the content of this entry using my smartphone. Huhuh... ah, biarlah, kamawanai (doesn't matter) X3

Okeh. Challenge completed (not with ease, hahah). I accidentally sprained my wrist while trying to move a heavy object the other day huhuu ouchie ( "TTwTT) 

Happy New Year 2016 gaiz, do take good care of yourselves ne~ ( TTwTT) 

Jya mata ne, koneko-tachi chan~ ( =^w^=) 

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