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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Personal Anime Review #9

Tis the weekend, and this year's Labour Day falls on this Sunday, and so this Monday is "CUTI", hohoiiii~ ;3

Salam, hello and konnichiwa again to all of you kawaii and sparkly kirakira anime lovers out there~ Minna genki? Kyo mo atsui ne, Mereshia-jin tachi~ (Everyone OK? Today's hot also, isn't it? Fellow Malaysians~) (^~^;)ゞ

Yosh, hisashiburi ja no? (Right, been quite a while eh?). It has been a year since my last anime review of 10 anime series/movies packed in 1 entry, so, here are 10 more interesting anime series/movies for you anime admirers of all ages out there to watch and to enjoy during your free time, or whenever you feel like you need some instant inspiration to spice up your mundane life packed with robot-like daily routine of work/studies and household chores.

Oh hey, before you continue reading this entry, allow me to remind you that this entry is specifically made for the eyes and minds of those who appreciate anime and would spend their free time after work chilling while watching some awesome anime on their PCs, laptops or mobile devices in search of inspiration, instead of... say, watching some other shows on TV, or going fishing, or reading novels, or playing games, or blogging about their daily lives, or chilling out at the cinema or some "hipster cafe", or going out bowling with friends, and doing other etc etc common hobbies and free-time activities out there, okies? To each, their own ;3 

Saa-tte-tto (now then), fellow anime fans, if you've already watched any of these before, do tell me how you feel about them in the comment section below, ne~ ^^

Amagi Brilliant Park
Info & download here
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Magic
Creator: Kyoto Animation, Sentai Filmworks
Vintage: 2014
Type/length: 13 episodes
Personal rating: 7.5/10

P.O.V: Have you ever visited a rather disappointing amusement park? How would you feel if you are suddenly given the task to manage a failing amusement park and bring it back to life, filled with happy children and parents having the time of their lives? "Good management" is the key to the success of this incredibly hard task of a devoted park manager. Making sure that everybody is happy is definitely NOT easy, nearing impossible! ;3 

Shokugeki no Souma
Info & download here
Genre: Tournament, School, Shounen
Creator: J.C.Staff, Sentai Filmworks
Vintage: 2015
Type/length: 24 episodes (with OVA and sequel)
Personal rating: 7.5/10

P.O.V: Another interesting and cunning anime with a cooking show theme! Let the never-ending, fierce (and mind-boggling) cooking battles begin! Beware of the rather unnecessary *cough* lewd *cough* scenes though... Overall, I'm amazed with the idea of each dish! They've done their research well! X3
Akatsuki no Yona
Info & download here
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo
Creator: Studio Pierrot
Vintage: 2014
Type/length: 24 episodes (with OVA)
Personal rating: 7/10

P.O.V: Honestly this anime has a rather strong Korean aura in it. It's almost like watching a certain Korean historical-fiction-drama series involving mythical creatures (in this case, dragons) fighting alongside humankind to uphold justice. Mixed emotions are involved in this piece, because the 'supposed antagonist' is not all that horrible of a guy. 
BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad
Info & download here
Genre: Drama, Music, Comedy, Shounen, Slice of life
Creator: Madhouse
Vintage: 2004
Type/length: 26 episodes
Personal rating: 6.5/10

P.O.V: A rather old piece, old but kewl. American influenced, Japanese trying to be American, you might say. There was a time when American music and pop-rock culture dominated the minds of most young, rebellious J-teens. I sure enjoyed watching them rebellious J-teens speaking "American English" in this anime. Heheheh ;3

Higashi no Eden
Info & download here
Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Thriller
Creator: Production I.G
Vintage: 2009
Type/length: 11 episodes (with 2 movies)
Personal rating: 8/10

P.O.V: THIS! This is rather mind-boggling, and addictive, and 'techno-ish'. Watching this can be a good way to exercise a human brain, as it makes one think of a few critical real-life issues from different perspectives. You'll be surprised. Watch this and be entertained, and surprised. Do not be fooled by the rather cute and innocent-looking, lovey-dovey main characters on the anime poster. Believe me, this anime is not an 'easy-going/easy to digest' type of anime. Most likely, at some point, you might question your own sense of justice after watching this.

Hataraku Maou-sama
Info & download here
Genre: Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen
Creator: Satoshi Wagahara, White Fox Studio
Vintage: 2013
Type/length: 13 episodes
Personal rating: 7.5/10

P.O.V: One word, FUNNY. The majestic "Devil king" and his "Knight" trying to cope with the humble, modern (but mundane) mortal world is a very interesting idea. I didn't know it could be this appealing. The plot, the script, the twists and all are just ROTFL, OMG I seriously laughed at some scenes! Majide (seriously)~ X3
Tiger & Bunny
Info here
Genre: Action, Super Power, Sci-fi, Comedy, Mystery
Creator: Sunrise
Vintage: 2011
Type/length: 25 episodes (with 2 movies and prequel)
Personal rating: 7.5/10

P.O.V:  Okay, I admit, what drove me into taking a peek into this anime in the first place was the abundance of T&B related fan-arts popping out among the art communities who are into Japanese anime and manga. I wuz like wuuutt? Tiger & Bunny? Tora to Usagi? What's with all this hype about these two men? And the characters are mostly flashy and sassy-looking and oooh okay they are all super heroes with unique super powers, fighting daily crimes while appearing on a "real-time" TV show, and each of them heroes has their own... sponsors?. Hmmm... alrighty... *grabs popcorn and soft drink* X3

One Punch Man
Info & download here
Genre: Action, Comedy, Parody, Sci-fi, Seinen, Super Power, Supernatural
Creator: Madhouse
Vintage: 2015
Type/length: 12 episodes (with one OVA)
Personal rating: 8.5/10

P.O.V: Phenomenal. Love it. You don't get to see this kind of anime often. I definitely want more of this. And that is all I have to say about this one. ONE PUUUNCH!!! End. *XDDD*

 Folktales from Japan 
Info & download here
Genre: Historical, Kids, Supernatural
Creator: Tomason
Vintage: 2012
Type/length: 211 episodes and still airing, ongoing...
Personal rating: 7/10

P.O.V: The title pretty much sums it all. Folktales from Japan, Nippon no Mukashibanashi. Each episode of this anime series is packed with 3 individual, loose, and different stories. Each story is special, and drawn differently from the other. The narrators, however, are the same in every story. I learned quite a lot of Japanese folktales just by casually watching this whenever I feel like it, and that is so cool. I'm thinking, Malaysian folktales should be compiled and presented in this manner too. Remember that time, sometime ago in the early 90's, when there was that Sang Kancil 2-D animated series showing almost daily on RTM, TV 1? That was precious. 

Itoshi no Muko
Info & download here
Genre: Comedy, Slice of life
Creator: DLE
Vintage: 2015
Type/length: 25 episodes (with OVA and 1 movie)
Personal rating: 7/10

P.O.V: Overwhelming cuteness. I just love watching this kawaii inu (cute dog) with a "junjou otome gokoro" (a pure woman's heart), named Muco. Watching Muco just calms my nerves and lifts my spirits by "shooing away" all of my negative and killing intent. It's practically a therapy. Yes, simple, easy-going/easy to digest, super cute anime interest me too ;3


~Previous anime reviews~

Well that's all for now my koneko-tachi chan (kittens), watch out for my 10th post of personal anime review, coming soon (...probably sometime next year). I think I'll just make my personal ANIME REVIEW a yearly blog entry. If you haven't noticed, my previous Anime Review entry was published sometime during last year, and the one before that was done in the previous year. Hey, I'm busy too ya know hohoiii~ Reviewing 10 anime series/movies per year is quite plenty meh... no joke desu.

Later gaiz~ ;3

Jya mata ne, koneko-tachi chan~ ( =^w^= )

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Review buku Nihongo Liza Sensei :)

Salam equinox gaiz! Konbanwa minna-san, kyo wa maji atsui desu ne~ (selamat petang semua, hari ni panas betul kan~) (^~^;)ゞ

Okeh, kali ni aku nak buat satu review yang ringkas berkenaan 2 buah buku bahasa Jepun hasil tulisan Liza sensei yang bagi aku cukup menarik untuk diteliti dan dijadikan rujukan bagi mana-mana orang Malaysia yang berminat untuk mempelajari bahasa Jepun (kaiwa - percakapan/lisan) secara santai. 

Layari blog Liza sensei di bukubahasajepun untuk maklumat lanjut serta pesanan buku.
Back view of Liza sensei's books. Go to bukubahasajepun for more info.

Latest news, buku TAHAP 3 baru saja dikeluarkan oleh Liza sensei, tapi aku belum beli lagi sebab aku nak bagi habis baca buku beliau yang TAHAP 2 dulu. Heheh~ ;3

Sepertimana yang telah ditulis di bahagian belakang buku Tahap 2 beliau, perbezaan buku Tahap 1 dan Tahap 2 adalah seperti berikut:

Tahap 1: Bahasa formal/sopan. Untuk berkomunikasi dengan orang yang baru dikenali dan golongan yang perlu dihormati. Mengutamakan rasa hormat. Bahasa penulisan. 

Tahap 2: Bahasa pasar/kasual. Untuk berkomunikasi dengan orang yang rapat dan mesra dengan kita, serta golongan yang berstatus lebih rendah dari kita. Mengutamakan rasa mesra. 

Honestly I enjoy reading and casually studying her Nihongo books focusing only on kaiwa (lisan). Apa yang membezakan buku-buku Liza sensei ni dengan buku-buku Nihongo lain yang aku ada ialah, buku-buku Liza sensei ni ditulis dalam bahasa Melayu, dan menggunakan huruf romaji (bukan hiragana/katakana/kanji) sepenuhnya untuk bahasa Jepun, dan ini membuatkan aku rasa seperti menghadiri sebuah kelas bahasa Jepun yang diajar oleh seorang guru Melayu yang sangat mahir dalam Nihongo (which she really is, and she is very knowledgeable, experienced, and qualified in teaching Nihongo to Malaysians). Ini membuatkan buku-buku ini memang ada semua (atau hampir semua) jawapan kepada persoalan-persoalan atau kekeliruan bahasa yang mungkin timbul di dalam fikiran kebanyakan orang Melayu yang sedang belajar Nihongo atau ingin bercakap dalam Nihongo, tetapi tidak/belum tahu membaca atau menulis hiragana/katakana/kanji. I like her approach in explaining language problems and miscommunications that might occur (or have occurred) when a Malay attempts to speak Nihongo with a regular Nihon-jin. 

Preview content Tahap 1 sikit, harap Liza sensei tak marah ehheiii~ :3
Preview content Tahap 2 sikit, harap Liza sensei tak tensen. Heeep, puromoto no tameni ne, okoranaide kudasai~ (demi promosi ye, sila jangan marah~) X3

Aku sememangnya dah sedar dari dulu lagi yang sebenarnya bahasa Jepun ni lebih dekat dan banyak persamaannya dengan bahasa Melayu (secara lisan), berbanding bahasa Inggeris. Dari segi dialek atau slanga (slang) bahasa pula, bahasa Jepun sebenarnya lebih dekat dengan bahasa Melayu utara. Orang Perlis dan Kedah sepatutnya boleh lebih cepat tangkap dan faham kalau belajar Nihongo. Hahahaa... maji desu yo (seriously), I'm not joking. Okay, sini aku senaraikan beberapa contoh ayat bahasa pasar yang boleh aku fikirkan sekarang:

Nihongo (informal): Suki ka kirai ka ore shiruka?!
Malay (northern dialect): Suka ka benci ka aku peduli apa?!

Nihongo (informal): Koko doko? Omae no uchi ka?
Malay (northern dialect): Sini mana? Hang punya rumah ka?

Nihongo (informal): Kore dare no kutsu? Anata no kutsu ka?
Malay (northern dialect): Ni siapa punya kasut? Kau punya kasut ka?

Nihongo (informal): Omae daijoubu? Itai ka?
Malay (northern dialect): Hang OK? Sakit ka?

Hahaa... macam "sepesyen" je kan gayanya? Maksud setiap perkataan tu pun sama word-by-word baq hang~ Apa? Tak cukup menarik? Nak contoh-contoh lain yang lagi power dan tepat, boleh pi tanya Liza sensei di BLOG LIZA SENSEI. Nak beli buku-buku Nihongo Liza Sensei ni pun boleh order terus dari beliau, atau pun pi cari sendiri di kedai-kedai buku yang popular. 

Antara buku-buku lain untuk belajar Nihongo yang aku rasa ohsem adalah seperti di dalam gambar berikut. Highly recommended *thumbs up* ;3

My collection of Nihongo books (in English with some romaji and hiragana characters).

Sekian. Nihongo o benkyoshimasho~ (Mari belajar bahasa Jepun~)

Jya mata ne, koneko-tachi chan~ ( =^w^= )

Sunday, February 28, 2016

My COVER of Dreamer (TV size) - Yamashita Tomohisa@Yamapi

Hey gaiz, I'm currently hooked on the super-kawaii, short anime series of "Itoshii no Muco", so I've made a quick cover of the 2nd ending theme song of the anime - "Dreamer" by Yamashita Tomohisa@Yamapi. Hope you like my version of the 42-second song. I only used basic chords for this short cover (on standard guitar tuning), and a capo. Muco (the 4-year-old female dog) has been growing on me rather steadily since the first time I've watched the first episode. Short, easygoing, cute and innocent anime episodes with adorable and funny animals acting as their lead characters really do grow on me rather easily. I still remember Chii the kitten in "Chii's Sweet Home". I couldn't get enough of that kittehhh! And now I'm kinda "gya-gya" over Muco hahaa oh Plain why are you telling these people your soft spot?! Lelz~ X3 

Watch Itoshi no Muco (EP.20) on Youtube HERE
*Sorry, the uploader of this particular video has removed this anime episode from his/her youtube channel due to copyrights issues*


Watch this video clip of Dreamer - Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi) on youtube HERE

Jya mata ne, koneko-tachi chan~ ( =^w^= )
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