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Sunday, May 3, 2015

That sinful comfort food...

This, ladies n gents, is how I usually prepare my once-in-a-while sinful comfort food - the infamous instant noodle. I usually make it RAMEN style since my love for Japanese food is rather strong (lulz).

Alright. I am fully aware of the fact that the instant noodles, regardless of whatever brand they may carry, are just not good for the health. The "waxy" instant noodles and the MSG-packed flavoring items are just silent killers singing the song "Killing me softly" while cheekily modifying the lyrics to "Killing you softly with this stuff, killing you softly~~~", and you don't even mind listening to it, because you do realize that at that moment you are having a bowl of your 'once-in-a-while' sinful comfort food. 

Okay, that was just my guilt taking control of my keyboard. Okay, dah tau makanan ni tak baik untuk kesihatan, habis tu kenapa aku post entri ni dengan gambar maggi kari mee segera aku, versi Ramen lagi? Am I just being an arse trying to encourage/temp people to eat unhealthy foods? .....Am I? (~ "^ w ^)~

So, here's the thing...,  

1. Mee segera ni tidak menyihatkan - YES.
2. Tapi mee segera ni sedap - YES.
3. Pulak tu, mee segera ni sangat convenient (cheap, having relatively long shelf life, easy to store and distribute, quick to prepare) - YES, so true.   
4. Ada tak cara untuk mengurangkan tahap 'unhealthiness' mee segera ni? - YES, ada. 
5. Kenapa nak sangat makan mee segera ni? Macamlah dah takde makanan lain? - Sila rujuk pada point 2 dan 3, yang mana points itulah yang membuatkan mee segera ni popular di serata pelusuk dunia. Ramai orang suka makan mee segera, tidak kira tua atau muda, kecik atau besar, kurus atau gemuk. Mee segera ini juga mempunyai sejarahnya sendiri yang cukup power. Sila 'google' keyword - Momofuku Ando.   

Untuk mengurangkan tahap 'bahaya' mee segera ni, sila masak kuah dan mee tu secara berasingan. Apa yang aku biasanya akan buat bila aku rasa nak makan instant noodles (aku suka brand Nissin dan Maggi - ya aku tau maggi tu dari nestle, huhuu) ialah, aku akan prepare kuah/broth mee itu dulu dalam satu medium-sized cooking pot. Rebus lebih kurang 3 cawan air, campur perencahnya, garlic slices, dried seaweed, wood ear mushroom, and snow peas. Lepas tu, tuangkan kuah ke dalam mangkuk, letak tepi. Dengan menggunakan cooking pot yang sama tadi, rebuslah mee segera tu pula. Bila mee segera dah kelihatan ready, bawak pot yang panas berisi mee segera tu ke sinki, dan singkirkan semua air rebusan mee tu. Lepas tu, bilas mee dengan air biasa sekali lalu, dan singkirkan semua air yang tinggal. Dah siap tu, masukkan mee ke dalam mangkuk yang berisi kuah yang dah siap dimasak tadi. Nak makan ala-ala Ramen style, letaklah tempura terung, chicken nuggets, roasted sesame seeds, and dried seaweed lebih, macam versi yang aku buat dalam gambar kat atas tu. Kalau dapat cari naruto slices (fishcake roll slices) untuk letak atas mee segera tu, lagi cun desu~ ;3

I like making this version of Ramen style instant noodles too, decorated with a soft poached egg, some katsuobushi (dried tuna shavings), spring onions, roasted sesame seeds, and dried seaweed. This is Nissin instant noodles, chicken garlic flavor. Oishii desu yo~ ;3
If you just have to eat something that is unfortunately deemed unhealthy, do try to get rid of the unhealthiness factor as much as you can, and add more goodness to it to make it better. Yeah, I think I'll make that my motto... hahah ;3

Jya mata ne, koneko-tachi chan~ ( =^w^= )

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kono Ookami-tachi... LoL

A quick, rough and raw pen sketch (plus minus 30 minutes) of the cunning Naruto cosplay picture below. The cosplay is simply cheeky and LoL I just had to make a rough sketch of it, manga style. Tools: Swan Stabilo color gel 208 - 0.7mm tip, a typical A5-sized notebook, and a funny cosplay photo as reference.
Naruto Ookami - by Naruto-Cosplay on deviantArt.
From the left - Uzumaki Naruto (the son), Namikaze Minato (the father), Hatake Kakashi (the teacher), and the biggest hentaiyaro of all, Jiraiya (the legendary sannin/the author of the so-called controversial Icha-Icha Paradise book series). 


Jya mata ne, koneko-tachi chan~ ( =^w^= )

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Shortest entry ever...


At this very moment, I am experiencing a distinct discomfort and sometimes throbbing pain in my stomach due to a food poisoning incident which occurred 2 days ago. I am not bedridden anymore but yeah, most of the time I would still get a splitting headache and my feet would then take me to my bed or the long sofa, and my hands would pull up my comfy blanket covering my aching feverish system. My fever has gone down considerably, but my stomach is still very stubborn and wouldn't hold in much food. I've lost approximately 2kg. I'm still on medication until my stomach behaves more appropriately.

Jya mata ne, koneko-tachi chan~ ( =^w^= )
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